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Aside from AI integration of medicine, there are a lot of new and emerging opportunities that can be seen and are now being adapted in medical science. For example, medical science would one day credit the services of a Virginia IT consultant of playing a key role in groundbreaking medical research, whose IT infrastructure solutions were adapted to run an AI-driven robot for a precision-based surgery.

Virtual Health Assistant
Virtual Health Assistants (VHA) are now playing a key role in proactively helping patients in a number of ways. Surprisingly, these VHA’s are noewhere near the patient because he or she is located in another country. Thanks to the role of IT in automating and providing the required resources for medical practitioners to hire qualified VHA’s to assist in the practice

VHAs can also monitor patient’s treatments based on data, allow doctors to engage with patients and pharmacies to remind patients of prescription refills and pickups. VHA’s can even recommend preventive health screenings.

All thanks to machine-learning algorithms in an IT-driven platform.

Diagnostic tools
There have been experiments and studies to support the theory that artificial intelligence had indeed improved disease diagnosis and health care delivery.

For example, a recent study has shown Google’s Deepmind algorithm was able to diagnose eye diseases faster and more accurately than human doctors.

The findings revealed “promising signs” in processing three-dimensional retinal scans to help detect signs of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy (DR) and glaucoma.

A computer system equipped with artificial intelligence software has been developed by Chinese scientists that can accurately diagnose congenital cataracts, possibly even rare eye diseases.

Scientists from developed an artificial neural network platform to diagnose congenital cataracts.

The software was named CC-Cruiser, which was developed using deep-learning algorithms and functions on a convolutional neural network designed to analyse how neurons are organised in the region of the brain associated with vision.

The scientists said that the neural network could be used as a platform to diagnose congenital cataracts in remote areas with limited access to eye health care and professional support. Since the platform is interconnected, it could easily provide real-time data and feedback from specialty practitioners.

The network could also have the potential of determining rare eye diseases that rely on imaging diagnostics.

Smart prosthetic devices
Chinese scientists have successfully restored sight to blind mice by swapping dead photoreceptors using artificial models made of gold and titanium oxide.

Researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China and Fudan University used tiny gold flakes with titanium oxide to create nanowires that make up the artificial photoreceptors which were found highly responsive to visible light ranges.

The scientists surgically implanted the wires in spaces previously occupied by the photoreceptors and made sure to establish physical contact with retinal cells to allow electrical pulses to pass through the visual cortex.